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Wednesday, 12 May 2004

The inspections are visual inspections. The inspector cannot disassemble air conditioners, furnaces, appliances or other such items. He can check for visual defects or for functional problems. The inspector cannot see behind walls or paneling, or under the slab. He cannot remove carpeting or major items of furniture. In spite of these limitations, there are usually many clues to warn the inspector of hidden problems.  When these clues are spotted, a qualified inspector will be able to follow them and come to a solid understanding of what the hidden problem may be. It is our company policy to encourage our client to be present at the time of the inspection so that any problems may be discussed and understood at that time.

"Damage" is an alarming term. Damage may be superficial or very extensive. It is not always possible for an inspector to determine the extent of damage and just what may be required to repair any such damage or problem.  Mechanical systems may be very old and on the verge of failure. Even new systems may exhibit damage due to rough handling or poor maintenance.  Frequently, many of the problems fall into the category of "do it yourself." The inspector may advise clients to check with their insurance company, before making repairs, to see if the item is covered under their homeowners' policy.


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